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In order to get more sales, it makes sense to attempt to operate directly inside Amazon's ecosystem (and algorithms). However, this is not a simple task.

While it's important for sellers to master Amazon's algorithms and strive for the bestseller badge, the fact is that until a product is well-established, there won't be any rapid sales or quick results. It may come as a surprise to learn that top Amazon sellers are all generating traffic to Amazon. You may get an advantage over your competitors and expand your company beyond being simply another Amazon store by attracting and converting external visitors to your Amazon listing.

What is External Traffic for Amazon Sellers?

Amazon defines external traffic as any traffic (visitors, links, audience, reach) coming from outside of Amazon's marketplace. Email, Twitter, Instagram, your own website/store, search engines such as Google and Bing, video providers such as TikTok and YouTube as well as links included in PDFs or other documents are all examples of external traffic.

It is possible for external traffic sources to be either free or paid. Traffic from search engines like Google, for example, is completely free. Paid traffic comes from a variety of places, including sponsored links on Google, display advertising on other websites, and Facebook ads that are specifically tailored to a user's interests.

Why drive traffic from external channels?

Focusing on one platform and working with its algorithms and current traffic may seem to be the simpler option, but this is not a smart choice for people who are just getting started or who are up against severe competition in their product niche.

·      Helps you stay ahead of the competition

Your first step should always be to optimize your Amazon listing for organic sales. However, this is something that all of your rivals are doing as well. As more and more people join the FBA bandwagon, it's becoming tougher to stand out from the crowd.

You must first get your products in front of your customer's eyes in order for it to stick in their minds. Get in front of prospective clients by using different media (social media, blogs, etc). 

·      An opportunity to showcase your brand

It's becoming more common for Amazon seller to have a well-known brand. Something that makes them stand out from the crowd of low-cost resellers. 

Pushing the boundaries of your Amazon listing might lead to serious consequences. You may be as creative as you want when you promote outside of Amazon. Make sure your brand has a distinct voice that consumers can identify with.

·      Amazon might reward you

It's no surprise that Amazon itself encourages sellers to direct customers to its website from other places. Amazon just introduced its Brand Referral Bonus program, which gives up to 10% payback on purchases that arise from non-Amazon marketing efforts.


·      Insurance for your business

Using Amazon as a selling platform is a brilliant idea. For one reason, they have a large number of customers who are ready to purchase. Your physical products will benefit greatly from their storage and fulfillment network. However, putting all of your eggs in one basket is a bad idea.

It doesn't matter how big or little the infraction is; Amazon will continue to enforce its policies. A number of sellers have been banned or removed from the marketplace. Their private label brands, which are difficult for third-party sellers to compete with, have also increased in number. Even if things are going well today, keep in mind that Amazon may no longer be a reliable source of supply in the future.

Ways to Drive Traffic to Amazon Listing

·      Google Ads

example google ads

Start by creating an account and start search for your target keywords. In order to advertise with Google, you may use display or search advertisements - but remember to do keyword research! Searches on Google may be either wide or targeted. With the right keywords in the right places, you'll attract the right customers.

·      Network with Amazon influencers

Amazon influencers

As a seller, you may connect with influencers in your niche by working with blogs that are part of the Amazon Associates program or sites that just have relevant audiences.

Make your research on the different bloggers available before investing in influencer marketing, because most professional bloggers have a clear price tag and thorough information about their audience.

·      Take advantage of email marketing

email marketing

Even if you just sell on Amazon, you are still an e-commerce shop owner. E-commerce enterprises can't afford to lose out on this income potential since email is responsible for 20% of all transactions.

A seller that has access to emails, social media and other channels may easily unleash the full potential of email marketing to:

·      To promote and advertise product launches

·      Give special deals and discounts

·      Upsell other products

In summary, sellers that have done very well just on Amazon should be applauded. However, depending only on its platform is a dangerous move. Moreover, Amazon fails to reach the majority of prospective buyers. When it comes to marketing, diversifying your channels is important rather than relying on a single one.

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