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Customers abandoned malls and department stores in 2020 for the convenience of internet shopping, leading to a huge increase in online sales. In 2022, online shopping has become increasingly commonplace, with 48% of customers saying they use Amazon at least once a week and 61% saying they are influenced by a product's star rating and the number of Amazon product reviews.

It's common knowledge that consumers' trust in online reviews significantly influences their shopping decisions, so it's no surprise that sellers place a premium on satisfied customers' reviews. However, more than half of Amazon's sellers say getting customer reviews is challenging. This is why we share some of our most well-guarded secrets for getting more Amazon product reviews for your business in 2022.

The ratings customers provide on Amazon often determine whether a new seller will be successful or not. According to studies conducted in 2017 by G2 and Неіnz Marketing, positive reviews increase consumer interest in a product by 92%. 


Tips on How to Get Reviews on Amazon

Having satisfied customers, an unblemished brand reputation and a large customer base will contribute to more five-star reviews on your Amazon profile. The problem is, though, that's easier said than done.

Here are some effective ways on how to get reviews on your Amazon.


·      Amazon Vine

vine review example with review.png

Reviewers on Vine (also called Vine Voices) are offered free Amazon products in return for honest feedback. However, sellers are prohibited from engaging in private conversations with reviewers to influence their ratings.

Vendors will incur an enrollment fee per item if they want to buy Amazon reviews. This fee is paid straight to Amazon and might reach $2,500 per item. The cost of shipping review samples to Amazon is also the seller's responsibility. Amazon's only cost is the shipping of products to their Vine Voices.

With the Amazon Vine program, they expect honest reviews when they request it. Unfortunately, if your product has issues, participation in the Vine program might do more harm than good because the platform does not guarantee vendors excellent evaluations for participating.


·      Amazon Early Reviewer Program


Participating in this program is a cheaper alternative to Amazon Vine. Customers who have previously bought the product are surveyed and offered a minor incentive in return for their honest feedback.

The purpose of the initiative is to boost product ratings when there are currently none or extremely few. As a result, to ensure the impartiality of the reviews, it is banned for vendors to communicate with the reviewers on Vine.


·      Request Amazon reviews through a newsletter and social media

People who have joined your mailing list or added you as a friend on Facebook are likely already happy with your products or services. Customers who have made purchases from you are probably happy with their purchases and won't mind leaving a positive review on Amazon.


·      Add a product insert asking for reviews

Place an attractive card in the box asking for consumer feedback on the product. Get the reader's attention by using bold colors and eye-catching graphics. Next, guide your customers by outlining the steps they need to do to leave a review on Amazon.

Instead of expecting a perfect review, focus on receiving useful feedback. Cards that encourage good review ratings or that discourage negative review ratings by recommending customers contact the you is against Amazon rules.


·      Landing pages

Using landing pages to capture email addresses for future marketing efforts may boost your customers' lifetime value. For example, giving a consumer a discount in exchange for their email address allows you to follow up with them after they've made a purchase and ask for feedback in the form of a review.



How Amazon Estimates Product Rating

Using information gleaned from past purchases, news articles, and even your own Amazon search history, Amazon has developed a novel method for determining which of the thousands of new products introduced daily by sellers worldwide are worth your time and money. Amazon offers a star rating system for all its products to aid shoppers in making educated purchases. The company's product reviews are relied on by millions of customers. To effectively obtain and exploit Amazon customer reviews, you need to understand how this algorithm functions.

The algorithm used by Amazon to calculate a product's total review score is rather complex and takes into account a variety of factors. Even though it is commonly assumed that the following elements make up Amazon's algorithm, we will not know for sure until Amazon discloses the details of their algorithm.

·      The age and length of the review

·      The rating against the response that was written

·      The number of reliable votes

·      The average score deviation

·      The number of valuable votes

·      The profile of the reviewer

·      Whether the account is verified or not



Your product's sales on Amazon might go up or down based on the feedback it receives. Unfortunately, various shady methods exist for gaining Amazon reviews for a product. Fortunately, Amazon does not let dishonest sellers’ getaway. You will get good feedback from customers if your product is well received and you have excellent customer service. 

Getting customers to spend their time writing reviews takes a lot of effort. Nonetheless, if done right, it can grow your Amazon business.

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