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Amazon BSR or Best Seller Rank (BSR) is a ranking given to products on Amazon based on how well they sell. 

Even though it says "Best Sellers Rank," your product does not have to be a "best seller" in the strictest meaning of the term to get that position. For a product to be ranked as a top seller, it simply has to have sold once. This rating does not necessarily signify that you have a top-selling product so don’t get overly excited.

Knowing what the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is and how valuable it can be to your Amazon business will give you a better idea of exactly how useful it can be to you.


What is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank?


Once a product has made its first sale on Amazon, it is given the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (also known as the Amazon Sales Rank). You would think that the BSR is a great predictor of how well a product is selling on Amazon, but there is more to it.

For instance, a product rated at number seven has outsold a product placed at number 207. Although the Amazon Best Sellers Rank of a product may be low, this does not always represent how well that item is selling in comparison to other related items, but rather its total rank on Amazon within specific category.

It's possible that two identical goods with low BSRs on Amazon, such as those rated 10 and 50, will be best sellers despite their 40-ranking difference. Use sub-category best seller lists instead of top seller lists in order to find out whether or not a product is really a best-seller.



How is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank Calculated?

Not much is known when it comes to BSR because it is a closely guarded secret by Amazon. What is known, however, is that a number of elements play a role in determining your product's Amazon Best Sellers Rank. It doesn't take into consideration aspects such as product reviews, cost, and so on when determining these criteria.

This is the assumption on with BSR is calculated on;

·      Current and historic sales

·      Changes in price which includes sales and promotions

·      Other competitive products


Based on current and historic sales, Amazon updates the BSR values every hour As a result, if your product sold 10 units in an hour while your rival sold five, your BSR would be lower than your competition's.

Even if you sold only one item in the next hour and your rival sold five, you would still have a lower BSR as the previous sales are taken into consideration, thus you wouldn't lose (or gain) a ranking that quickly. Because the BSR algorithm considers all of your product sales before allocating the numbers, there are never any significant swings.



The difference between organic rank and amazon best sellers rank

It's important to understand the difference between a low Amazon Best Sellers Rank and a good organic rating when it comes to best seller rankings and organic rankings. A low Amazon Best Sellers Rank doesn't always imply that your product is ranking highly for your particular search phrases.

Your organic ranking is determined by keywords. To put it another way, they are the ones that decide where your goods will show in Amazon's search results for a certain phrase. Just as your keywords have no effect on your best sellers rank, your BSR has none on your organic ranking. As a result, the roles served by keywords and BSR are vastly different.

Let’s look at it from a different angle. Keywords utilized in your Amazon product title, bullet points and main listings are crucial for Amazon organic search rankings. A good BSR may be achieved by good sales.

Even while keywords and BSRs serve separate purposes, there is some relationship between the two. After all, in order to generate sales, you need to be visible in search results for relevant keywords, and those sales will eventually affect your BSR.

To have a top-selling product organically and not have a number one BSR, Amazon puts more attention on keyword-related items than best seller rankings.

As a result, it's critical that you do thorough keyword research before populating your listings with anything less than the most relevant terms. Your Amazon Best Sellers Rank isn't as significant as organic ranks, which will lead to more product views.

Because of this, it is recommended to use the Amazon Best-Sellers Ranking to estimate the frequency of sales of a product, rather than its total popularity.



What is a Good Amazon BSR?

Amazon's BSRs vary per category, making this a difficult question to answer. In the Pet Supplies category, an Amazon BSR of 1000 may be considered an excellent rating, but in the DIY category, the same ranking of 1000 may be considered a bad one, since DIY goods may be slower sellers.

As a general rule, items with a sales rank of fewer than 2,000 on Amazon are more likely to be in demand than those with a sales rank of more than 2,000.



Ways to improve your Amazon Best Sellers Rank

It's understandable that you'd want to see your items get a good BSR. If you can get your BSR to be as low as possible (preferably between 1 and 100), your product will show up on the Best Seller Lists, even if it has no effect on your organic ranking. 

It's time to ramp up your Amazon sales! In addition, you should keep an eye on your own sales as well as those of your competitors since outselling your competitors can help you boost your Amazon Best Seller Rank. Your BSR won't increase if you merely compete on price.


·      Optimize Your Amazon Product Title

Only relevant keywords should be included in your product title, such as what your product is, the color and size (if appropriate), and the brand name if it is a well-known brand.


·      Have a competitive price

Prepare a price plan for your items. If you priced your items properly within your category and in comparison to the competition, you'll be able to sell more things and increase your BSR.


·      Differentiate Using Your Product Images

With high-quality photographs that set you different from your competition, you can impress prospective buyers and make your product stand out. Select photographs that are very high-resolution and distinct from those used in other product descriptions.

Taking images of your product from various perspectives can help you construct a picture of how it will appear or be used in real life and will set you apart from your competition.


·      Add a video to your listing

Not only can photographs aid in the sale of your products, but a product video will elevate your offering to new heights. Video is the most realistic way for a buyer to experience your products in person.


·      Utilize Amazon FBA and Prime

Amazon prefers merchants that utilize their fulfillment service, and you'll be able to offer Prime on your listings if you use it.

Wrapping Up

Buyers value fast delivery and the confidence and dependability that comes with FBA and Prime, so this presents you with a significant potential to boost your sales – and, as a result, your Amazon Best Seller Rank.

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