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It is possible to sell goods to the whole world through your Amazon online store and scale your business rapidly. The big question you need to answer is “will my product stand out in organic results when there are hundreds of distinct rivals in virtually every product category?” Amazon has revamped its advertising skills in recent years, offering a portfolio of ad goods and formats that rivals Google and Facebook.

Amazon's PPC advertisements are ready to assist you, so you won't have to wait long to get visibility. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements are a very effective digital marketing strategy in which marketers pay ad costs based on how many people click on their adverts. Amazon shop owners may utilize the PPC advertising strategy presently provided by platforms like Google, Microsoft, and Yandex to put their goods in front of customers and make them more visible, appealing, and ready to buy.


Amazon ad types

Amazon Prime has millions of subscribers which make ecommerce businesses rush to the platform to promote their goods in front of customers. However, as the number of users grows, so does the level of competition. While SEO and listing optimization are important for increasing organic search results, you'll need to be a little more proactive to obtain the most exposure.

This is where Amazon Ads may help. They're one of the most effective methods to generate momentum for your business when used properly. The kind of advertisement you'll need will be determined by your products and the goal you're attempting to accomplish.

There are 3 types of Amazon ads:

·      Sponsored Display

·      Sponsored Brands

·      Sponsored Products

These are all pay-per-click advertising, so every time a client clicks on your advertisement, you'll have to pay a little money.



1. Sponsored products

Amazon's shopping search result pages and product pages include ads for sponsored product campaigns that promote particular product listings. This campaign type has the lowest entry barrier for new sellers in Amazon's advertising product line since it does not require Amazon's Brand Registry. All professional sellers, suppliers, and agencies get instant access to Sponsored Product campaigns. Using Sponsored Product advertising, businesses may target particular keywords, specific products and categories.

To be eligible you must meet the following requirements:

·      Adult or refurbished usage of products is not permitted.

·      An active Amazon account in good standing is required.

·      The product must be in the original box and stock

·      Shipping to the country in which you are advertising is a must.

·      Possess a reliable means of payment.

·      Kindle direct publishing authors, vendors and third-party sellers are allowed.

Sponsored Products Ads are displayed in 2 places:


·   Search results: At the beginning, middle, end, or next to the search result

·   Product pages: Display carousels on product pages

Search Results:

 amazon product advertising.jpeg



    Product pages:


       amazon product advertising2.png

Benefits of using Sponsored Product Ads

1. It’s easier for customers to discover products with low organic rank.

2. It helps drive sales and increase your best seller rank for newly launched products.

3. It provides an instant visibility boost to newly-launched products.

4. You can choose keywords or product attributes to target manually, or use auto campaign.

5. There’s no need to write ad copy or provide additional images. 

6. You only pay Amazon for the ad service when customers click on your ads.



2. Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Product ads are conducted on a Pay-Per click basis and include targeting keywords, products or categories; Sponsored Brands initiative uses a similar model. Sponsored Brand campaigns advertise a product page or a variety of goods from a single brand rather than individual product listings.

Store Spotlight, Product Collection, and video commercials are all options for Sponsored Brands ads. A carousel style of a company's chosen goods is shown with the product name and custom logo in product collection advertisements. Instead of concentrating on a single product, they connect straight to each brand listing displayed in the carousel and is a fantastic method to drive attention and purchases to a brand's entire product catalog. Store Spotlight advertisements use an identical carousel layout, but instead of linking to a brand's Amazon website, they connect directly to the brand's page. For certain vendors, showing customers all of the products available for sale by a brand combined with engaging rich text, picture and video showcasing the company and its products increases the average order value and increases customer loyalty. Auto-playing videos that link to a brand page are included in Sponsored Product Video advertising.


Where do Sponsored Brand ads appear on Amazon?

They appear at the very top of Amazon search results pages — above Sponsored Product Ads — and typically feature three products from one brand. 

amazon product advertising3.png 

Unlike a Sponsored Product ad, with Sponsored Brands, you can add your own custom logo and tagline that will help your ad stand out.


To be eligible you must meet the following requirements:



·  A minimum of three ASINs under one brand name.

·  You must have an active Amazon account in good standing

·  You must be a professional seller or vendor who is a member of the Amazon Brand Registry 

·  Have a valid payment method.

·  You must have the ability to ship to the country in which you are advertising.

·  Only brand-new items are eligible. 

Benefits of using Sponsored Brands

1. They encourage customers to add more items to their cart, as they will be presented with multiple products from your brand. Use this as an opportunity to promote complementary items.

2. Sponsored Brand Ads result in the greatest RoAS over a period of 30 days.

3. You can defend your branded keywords by ensuring your ads show up when a customer searches for your brand name.

4. You can redirect customers to a custom landing page or Amazon Store that is free of competitor ads and products.

5. You are able to add custom ad copy that shows off your brand’s messaging. 


3. Sponsored Display

Now that you know where Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand ads appear on Amazon, let’s move to Sponsored Display ads. Customers who have formerly visited a brand details page can be remarketed and served with single brand display ad anywhere they may be on the web, with the option of selecting specific products and product categories to target, using a single product image to serve display ads featuring a single product to users on Amazon. Customers may see these advertisements on websites that participate in Amazon's DSP and on other social media platforms. As a way to raise brand and product recognition while also re-engaging customers who are farther down the sales funnel who have previously viewed a product detail page but haven’t purchased, Sponsored Display ads may be quite effective.


Where do Sponsored Display ads appear?

Depending on the targeting option you choose, your ads may appear on:

  • · Amazon product detail pages or search results on desktop, mobile, and app
  • · Third-party websites and apps (in the U.S. only) 

Let’s see an example of a Sponsored Display ad using product targeting or audience retargeting. 

amazon product advertising4.png

To be eligible you must meet the following requirements:


  • · You must have the ability to ship to the country in which you are advertising.

  • · Professional sellers registered in the Amazon Brand Registry, merchants, and agencies with clients that sell on Amazon can use Amazon Sponsored Display. 

  • · You must have an active Amazon account in good standing.

Benefits of using Sponsored display

1. You have the ability to retarget customers who have viewed your listing within the past 30 days

2. You can target similar products or categories, as you can with Sponsored Products and Brands.

3. Your ads will be displayed throughout Amazon’s pages and will stand out more than a standard sponsored ad.

4. You can target customers off of Amazon to redirect them back to your listings

5. You can target customers based on their interests and previous shopping behaviors


Wrapping Up

Competition on Amazon is only going to become stronger as more sellers join the marketplace. Due to the increased level of competition, it is essential for sellers to use different advertising campaign types to get an advantage over competitors.

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